DIY: How to Clean a Coffee Maker using Vinegar

I really know how much tiring and boring it is to Clean a Coffee Maker.

But, if the Coffee Maker is not cleaned at regular intervals, you will find its effects on the quality and taste of the coffee. Well, we are not talking about cleaning the outer portion but working on the interiors of the machine.

How to Clean a Coffee Maker

The internal parts are hard to reach, and something that is necessary to be cleaned.

If you have got Vinegar at hand, then your work is half done! Read the complete DIY below.

DIY: How to Clean a Coffee Maker using Vinegar

You need the White Vinegar for the process. It’s the minerals in the water that causes the buildups, so indirectly you are treating the vinegar with the minerals on the inside.

Steps for Cleaning the Coffee Maker with the help of the Vinegar are as follows:

  1. First of all, you need to wash the carafe with water. Fill it with 2 cups of vinegar, followed by 4 cups of water in it.
  2. Remove out all the coffee grounds, and paper filter if anything is present inside the Coffee Maker.
  3. Pour the water+vinegar solution into your coffee maker, and set the carafe back to its original place.
  4. Turn on the Coffee Maker, and let it complete the process.
  5. After the process gets over, pour in the solution in a bowl. Take out a clean piece of cloth, and wipe the exteriors and interiors of the machine.
  6. After this, wipe the interiors with a damp cloth to get all the vinegar out from the inside.
  7. If the coffee maker has got a lot of scale deposits on the inside, then repeat the complete procedure again.
  8. Once you are done with all the tasks, pour in normal water inside the coffee machine and run it once. This will remove out any extra vinegar if present on the inside.

That was my DIY on how to clean coffee maker, and this will take a maximum of 10 minutes only. The cleaning time depends on the level of the residues and the amount of work that is needed to be done.

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