Light In The Box Kitchen Faucet Reviews – Updated

You have to consider the dimensions of your kitchen when you start looking for such a product. Small kitchens require a more compact faucet while large kitchens look great with a more prominent one.

Indeed, a true helping hand for washing large pots!

Light In The Box Kitchen Faucet Reviews

Light In The Box Kitchen Faucet Reviews

LightInTheBox Single Handle Pull Down Pre-rinse Spring Kitchen Faucet has a very functional design. It is built in such a way that can match almost any sink style.

Moreover it is extremely practical as it has two different water modes. The spray mode can help you clean out even the toughest grease stains, while the aerated stream is perfect for everyday use.

This faucet does not only look stylish but it is also designed to last so you can forget about changing it soon.

Pros And Cons For Choosing LightInTheBox Single Handle Pull Down Pre-rinse Spring Kitchen Faucet

Analyzing the customer reviews of this product it can be seen that it is sturdy and looks great. You will be impressed on how well it works and how it can ease your work in the kitchen.

It has a good rating, 3.5 out of 5, based on 128 comments. Analyzing what people have to say about LightInTheBox Single Handle Pull Down Pre-rinse Spring Kitchen Faucet, here are the main pros and cons for choosing such a product.

LightInTheBox Single Handle Pull Down Pre-rinse Spring Kitchen Faucet

The main advantages of using this product are:

  • It is solid and heavy;
  • It is not made of cheap plastic parts;
  • It is extremely easy to install so if you have some basic knowledge you do not to need to spend extra money for hiring a plumber;
  • The water pressure is impressive;
  • Even if it is not an expensive product it does its job just perfect;
  • The handle of the sprayer is firm and solid;
  • You can easily glide the faucet between two sinks;
  • It has a pressure control that is extremely useful when you want to remove stiff grease;
  • It has a look that really makes your kitchen stand out;
  • It is almost 3 feet tall, perfect for high pots.

The main disadvantages of using this product are:

  • The hoses that come with the faucet can only connect to ½ shutoff valve so if your plumbing system is different you need to spend some extra few bucks to purchase the ones that match;
  • This faucet uses a single hole so if you have a system with three holes you need to purchase a sink hole cover;
  • The hose, hose cradle and coil/spring are shorter than advertised;
  • It may leak after a while even if it is not used intensively;
  • The rubber seals that come with the faucet car worn easily.

A Closer Look

LightInTheBox. LightInTheBox is a worldwide online retail company that delivers products to their customers around the globe.

The company was founded in 2007 offering the opportunity of shopping for a broad range of products for the comfort of your own home.

An interesting thing about the website is the fact that it is available in multiple major languages. Beside faucets, the company provides small accessories, gadgets and products for home and garden.

Features. LightInTheBox Single Handle Pull Down Pre-rinse Spring Kitchen Faucet is available with all the accessories needed for a proper installation. It has durable ceramic valves incorporated that prevent any water leaks.

This great faucet it definitely built for heavy duty so it can be used more than 600,000 at a water temperature of 90°. The high quality materials and great fishes can support a water pressure of 1.6Mpa.

The spout comes with two models included: spray and aerated stream.

Specifications. The product’s dimensions make it a valid option especially if you like to cook for many people: The swivel spring’s spout can rotate 360 degrees and it is tensioned retractable.

The dip free ceramic disc cartridge assures a comfortable and smooth use for a long period of time. This faucet has an installation for a single hole and also includes hoses for hot and cold water as well as other standard accessories.

Compatibility. LightInTheBox Single Handle Pull Down Pre-rinse Spring Kitchen Fauce is 100% compatible with the kitchen sink that has only one hole.

In case you own a sink with two holes of 8” you need to buy a dispenser that matches it in order to be able to install the faucet. In case of sinks with three holes of 8”it is needed an escutcheon plate for a firm fixing.

You also need to know that the sink with three holes of 6”-16” requires both a dispenser and an escutcheon plate.

conclusion kitchen faucet


Overall, LightInTheBox Single Handle Pull Down Pre-rinse Spring Kitchen Fauce is a great product, perfect for large families. This faucet is extremely helpful for kitchen use.

The great design allows you to easily wash large pots. The two types of spout and pressure control are great for fast and easy cleaning. Moreover it has a great shape than can match any kitchen design.


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